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Code Crafting Blueprints

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Are You My Image Type?

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When using images on the web it’s important to know which type to use since the once we have at our disposal are good at different things. Using the right tool for the job means that you’ll have images with higher quality and lower file size.

Description Lists FTW

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There are a few HTML elements that are mysteriously forgotten but still very useful. One of those elements is Definition Lists <dl> that has recently been repurposed as Description Lists in HTML5. This article will explain what it’s for and how to style it.

Manage Large Projects Without Headache

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There are a few things you need to consider before you start coding because as projects starts to grow it can easily become hard to manage. In this article I’ll give you my thoughts about how to build applications with a manageable code base.

The question is how can we build applications that last? An application that doesn’t need a rewrite every other year, one that is easy to understand and fun to maintain. I guess it all boils down to one thing code structure.

A Literal Way of Creating Objects

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In JavaScript there are two different ways to create an object and it can be hard to know which one’s best. In this article I will explore the cons and pros of each approach and recommend one way to do it.

(Spoiler alert: I will recommend the Object Literal Notation).

Collaboration Made Easy With Git

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In the previous two Git articles we’ve only talked about local repositories which are great for going back to previous changes and to keep track of your code. What it doesn’t do is to let you collaborate with other developers. It also doesn’t help much if your hard drive crashes. This article explains the basics of using remote repositories.

Future Proof Your Methods With Options Objects

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Having methods that takes a lot of arguments can be a real pain. You Not only needs to remember which arguments to pass but also in which order to supply them. Things gets even worse when you need to add more arguments to an existing method. This article will show you a better way of doing this by using only one argument.

The Power of Combinators

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When working with CSS it’s easy to get stuck with just the basic selectors. Yes, you can get by using only those but you will write better and more terse code if you know some of the more advanced ones. In this article I will show you the power of CSS Combinators - A toolkit that lets you combine the basic selectors to create more powerful CSS.